I am


I'm a Full-Stack Developer.

I love working on Websites and amazing Projects.

I have a lot of Experience in Front-End Development and have a Passion for JQuery & Bootstrap.

About Me

Who am i?

I started to learn Visual Basic 6 back in 2005. A few years later, i fell in love with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which can make HTML-Elements look amazing.

I also learned PHP and worked with MySQL for many years. My favourites are JQuery & Bootstrap for a Responsive Webdesign.


What I Do?

My Skills

What i’m good at?

HTML5 - 99%

CSS3 - 95%

Bootstrap - 95%

JavaScript - 90%

JQuery - 90%

PHP - 60%

MYSQL - 55%


Get In Touch!

+49 179 183 52 40